The main types of Hot Tubs

Today’s hot tubs are the keys of every health and beauty spa, they serve as an additional relaxing and healing place at numerous hotels, resorts and hospitals and they are getting more and more popular to be bought by all those individuals who would love to have their own spa at their home.

Types of hot tubs according to location:
  • Indoors Spa
  • Outdoors Spa

While both types have the advantage they typically require a different approach as for their build and their handling. Let’s see some of these.

  • Indoors Spas: As these types of tubs are typically large in construction, keep in mind that you will need quite a large space to handle them indoors as well as a very good ventilation, because otherwise the high density of moisture will sooner or later cause quite a damage and corrosion in the surroundings. Indoors spas are usually smaller, they normally handle up to 4 persons unless they are custom-made and they are generally portable spas which make their handling and installing all the easier.
  • Outdoors Spas: outdoor spas are generally larger but it’s not written in stone. The most important is for them to have a very solid base. There are two main types of outdoor spas: the portable and the dense ones. One can also choose to have one in which you climb in or a sunken one which is built into the deck and gives a more luxurious effect. The deck which holds the spa has to be extra strong and very well built to handle the total weight of the spa and the maximum number of people in it. This needs a very specific build and approach. Do not buy a spa for your patio unless it’s been confirmed that it will easily handle the weight.
Types of hot tubs according to characteristics:

As for their design there are countless wonderful pieces of spas which are either readily available or they can be custom made on the spot: no matter its wooden or surrounded by stones a spa makes the perfect garden or patio addition for your home. When we take a look at their characteristics we can differentiate the following two key sorts of spas:

  • Portable spas
  • Permanent spas

Let’s see how these two differ in terms of their most important aspects:

  • Portable: these are all-in-one tubs the size of which vary from single size to being able to accommodate up to 6 people. You can carry them basically anywhere you want them to be inside or outside. These tubs are generally equipped with seats and in-built massaging systems. They can be equipped with built in music player and lighting system too.
  • Permanent: These are the ones which are generally custom made and therefore they are not equipped with seats, they are rather like a miniature pool or a larger bubble bath. These are generally incorporated in a beautiful garden design and they are the more expensive option.