Choosing the perfect hot tub:

This time around we will help you in choosing the best possible tub for you by representing the 4 main types and builds of hot tubs which are available on the market alongside their expected price range and their means of installation. We hope it will help you in deciding which type of hot tub you would like to have in or outside your home.

1.) Above-Ground Portable Spa

These are ready-made all –in-one hot tubs which you can buy and all you need to do is to find the best place for them and have them installed. These spas are usually made out of moulded acrylic or ABS plastic and they contain built-in seats and a whole massage system with the proper water filtering system. The portable tubs are generally smaller, they are made for up to 6 people.

Price: this is by far the cheapest version but its price also depends on the material it’s made out of. Stainless steel portable spas cost the most. The general prices range from around USD 2000 to USD 17000 depending on the size, the extras and the material of the spa.

Installation: they must be laid on a very level, absolutely straight and stable surface, preferably full concrete one. It’s essential to have a 220V plugin nearby for the massage and other extras.

2.) Inflatable tubs

These are currently the cheapest tubs available. With its idea generally being built on kids’ pools, these tubs need to be inflated before use. They come with a motor to rotate the water inside and a heater which would turn the water warm. Their material is vinyl which is pretty strong however it cannot withstand as much as a solid tub. In return they can really be brought anywhere and they are extremely cheap.

Price: USD 500

Installation: it only needs air to inflate the system and a plugin for the motor and the water heater.

3.) Wooden tubs

These remind us of the times in the middle Ages when people used to use barrels cut in half for bathing. These hot tubs can really look awesome, they are made out of extra durable wood such as cedar or redwood and they are really like an XXL size bathtub. The seating is generally bench like and the whole form makes this generally way deeper than a normal spa.

Price: between USD 4000 to USD 9500 depending on the extras and on its size

Installation: much like the normal above-ground spa this needs a solid support- Wooden spas can also be heated with electricity and even with gas!

4.) In-ground hot tubs

If you want your tub really look like a small lake or pond then you will need to have it in-ground. These are some of the most beautiful spas out there.

Price: this is the most expensive out of all as its installation also requires an excavation. Along with all the works the total price for in-ground tubs ranges from USD 15000 to USD 20000 As they cannot be removed they can add up to the property’s overall value too.